Prepare Today For The Next Power Outage

Never feel powerless again when you have a back up generator.  Severe weather can sometimes cause your power to go out, and leave your home or business with a mess the next day.  Avoid the hassle of your power going out.

We can install the right size generator for your needs.

  If Your Power Goes Out Your Generator Goes On - Automatically.   It's Really That Simple.

    Standby automatic generator units provide power to your     home even if the power goes out.  Also, they run on natural gas,   so you don't have to worry about trips to the gas station as you   would with a portable generator.  Say goodbye to candles, frozen pipes and spoiled food.

  "I had an automatic generator installed by Good Guys Electric, I am very satisfied with the professional       service and installation this company provided"        Jerry Y. (Customer)